What kind of online shopper are you?

Do you shop online? If yes, you must have developed few shopping traits of your own. Based on different traits, here are few types of online shoppers, which one is you?

The window shopper

You are the kind of shopper who knows about most of the things available on the internet. You know what to buy from where since you spend most of your time window shopping on online stores. You keep a track of all the new products introduced on an online store. When someone asks you what to buy from where, you have all the answers.

The wish lister

You are someone who believes in saving for later. Whenever you come across something good, you put it in your wishlist immediately. It may be because you it’s probably pricey right now or you don’t really have a valid reason to buy it. And because of this reason you have become a hoarder of good things and your wishlist is humongous.

The compulsive shopper

Being a compulsive shopper is a problem. As soon as you lay eyes on something you like, it simply doesn’t get out of your mind easily. It keeps occupying your thoughts till you buy it. And because of this, you end up wasting your savings or are unable to save. Your house is full of cardboard boxes and you have a lot of things you don’t really need.

The savvy shopper

You are someone who does not have any problems with saving money since you know how to do it right. You shop online while saving your money. You don’t settle for anything unless you are sure it is on the best price. You compare and use money saving techniques better than anyone and that’s what makes you savvy.

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